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The design of blasting booths

The working chamber is made as a steel construction with closed profiles, combined with screw connections and sheltered sandwich panels with steel and filled with polystyrene or mineral wool.

Security inside the booth
Isolation rubber mats walls of the working chamber, which consists of a vertical suspending rubber mats overlap approximately 20 cm. Rubberized effectively protects the wall from the erosive destruction. Security solution is designed so that the shot that got behind the shield could fall out and get back into circulation. Replacing the security is very easy and fast, does not require any special tools and skills.

The security floors
An important element of security is the introduction of chambers blasting guards lining the floor in the form of steel plates. Sheet steel protects the concrete against erosion caused by contact with abrasive. Damage to the floor under the horizontal conveyor can lead to residual abrasive, and the problems of re-transporting the abrasive for blasting.

As used luminaires are disposed externally of the chamber and are also available from the (roof, walls). Fixtures are lit by windows with glass and netting. The solution provides high durability lighting fixtures, quick and easy replacement of lamps and ease of changing security ceiling windows.

We use its range of industrial doors (rolling), with electric drive, providing a high tightness as well as high acoustic insulation. The door panel from the inside of the chamber is protected by a rubber mat We also use swing gates. The working chamber is also equipped with a service door, which also like the gate wing are equipped with safe speculums inspection. Select the type of gate finally made investor.

The floor scraper.
We offered standard floor stripper is a solution-type scraper, working with the so-called electric gear motors. rubberized slats codes. This solution is characterized by low height blade assembly line, low failure rate, ease of use and current repair. Paths scraper are designed to maximize eliminate the loss of abrasive through the retention of tunnel sleeve. The proposal scrapers with rubberized strips, directive is in line with the trend for muting the device. Drives geared motors ensure low energy consumption of the work floor.

We offer our customers two types of execution ground. Construction of the concrete moat according to the received drawings or buying finished properly designed metal substrate. The latter approach requires only a flat surface and thus the entire chamber blasting may be replaced after some time of use has dismantled and re-assembled at the new location.

Purification abrasive
The purification abrasive separator is used with the screen rotation. The solution allows the Rotary Separator stop all major pollutants abrasive. Rotary sieve is a sieve same cleansing and impurities are removed to a special container. The dust emissions are removed during the purge air.