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The spray booths offered by our company are modern and customized. We offer spray booths affordable as well as for customers with particular requirements, always at a really competitive price.
Our SPRAY BOOTHS provide security for varnishes, meet the standards of health and safety, environmental protection and fire protection.
By providing a hermetic conditions significantly increase the quality of work and reduce the drying process.
We have personal spray booths suitable to using with water-based varnishes with both oil burners or gas ones.

Dimensions are suitable to individual customer needs.


The spray booth's price includes:

  • device and equipment with specifications shown above
  • equipment transportation to a place specified by the Buyer in Poland
  • installation and commissioning of the device
  • team preparation in the field of operation and device maintenance
  • set of filters which allow you to start to work in the spray booth immediately
  • drawings of the foundation and device placement


  • Warranty: 36 months.

Warranty can be extended to 60 months during using services offered by ITALTECNICA company.

ITALTECNICA COMPANY offers warranty and post-warranty service.