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Cross Heat Exchanger - is made of aluminum fins between which flow streams alternating hot and cold air. The direction of flow stream relative to each other determines the name of the cross heat exchanger in which flow side by side two air streams. These streams do not mix with each other because they are separated by a partition made of a highly thermally conductive material. The heat in the exhaust air is passed through the partition cool air masses flowing into the interior and the whole process takes place automatically, silently and unattended.

Heat provided by ITALTECNICA characterized by:


  • Tight connection - boards are interconnected to form-folded joint. This is of particular rigidity of the heat exchanger and reduces leakage.

  • The special shape of plates - plates turbulent shape has been optimized with the result of detailed research in terms of heat recovery rate, pressure drop and rigidity.

  • Sealing corner profiles - heat exchanger corners are pasted into profiles using permanently elastic sealing compound. In this way the heat exchanger is optimally connected to the body.
  •     The bypass the intake air (by-pass) - in order to maintain the correct temperature during the summer it is recommended to bypass the recuperator intake air in paint booth ventilation phase (faster cooling of the cab).