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To increase the safety and accelerate the process of painting suggest the use of mobile platforms paint.

Platforms basically divided into 3 types:

Moving along the wall paint booths with fixed rails and guides
Samojezdne- drive and lifting / lowering are performed by pneumatic cylinders
Manual - the movement of manual lifting / lowering carried out by pneumatic cylinders.

All platforms are fully pneumatic, making it suitable for use in potentially explosive environments. The platform offers an ideal solution for those who want to paint large vehicles and components.

Operator basket is designed to transport one person and paint materials. The doors open inwards, self-closing by a hinge spring.

Each platform / lift has the necessary protections:

Safety rails (1m).
Self-closing door (opening to the inside, closed by manual lock)
Platform equipped with non-slip floor

All control levers are in the basket the operator.