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Distillers provide the ideal solution to the problem of disposing of spent solvents, with the ability to re-use later, providing:

  •     Rapid return on investment, thanks to the low cost of distillation;
  •     Reduce the cost to purchase a solvent to 95%;
  •     Significant reduction in disposal costs of waste solvents;
  •     Maximum security ensure that you receive certificates

Wide range of products is able to meet all the needs of both small and large member companies, according to customer requirements.

Supply equipment of various sizes and configurations, from the compact (10L.) To large industrial (200L.) And diverse capacity from 4 to 55 L / h

For ease of cleaning devices we use bags distillation. Thanks to the removal of sediment from the tank is seamless and instant, and clean the tank wall will greatly enhance the speed of distillation.