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The solvents used in the industry appear to be a big problem for the environment, increase the cost of purchase and disposal, and the last not the least important factor - the health of users.

Distillation of solvents on the site is the solution to your problems.


  •     Reduces the cost of purchasing solvents.
  •     It reduces disposal costs.
  •     Reduces landfill of hazardous waste.
  •     It helps to get ISO 14001 certification.


Distillers IST are capable of all types of distilling the solvent used in various industrial processes, which allows their reuse.

All machines are built with the best materials and components on the market: Tank stainless steel AISI 304, capacitors, stainless steel or copper cooled by air or water; Heating elements (tungsten filament with carbon steel armor), built-in thermostat security; Electrical panel in aluminum (thickness 20 mm) with protective glass (thickness 10 mm) touch screen display.

The process of separation of the solvent from the pigments and other solids involves evaporating it from the mixture resulting from the washing spray gun and other equipment. The solvent when heated to a suitable temperature evaporates, and is then cooled in the condenser. After expiration of the assumed time repeater turn off automatically.

Heavy-duty powder coated steel ensures durability for years.

The distillation process is purely physical. The chemical properties are not changed.