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Aiming to continuously improve our products introduced a RIELLO burners with an open combustion chamber. Gas burners RX provides low emissions, high efficiency and low noise. The mixture of gas and air occurs prior to reaching the burner head, not in the head, as in conventional burners. The combustion head has patented a housing which prevents thermal stress and that is characterized by good modulation burner.



  •     Very good modulation
  •     The compact geometry of the flame
  •     Low CO2 and NOx - within the European standard
  •     Low noise
  •     Lower gas combustion

The flame of the burner has a compact geometry, because the combustion takes place near the housing of the fiber. This reduces the risk of flame contact with the walls of the combustion chamber so that there is no problem with the quality of combustion. The flame also is protected by casing pipe improves the thermal properties.

After installing the burner RX cabin there is no standard heat exchanger and chimney flue. With this solution, there is no heat loss associated with the loss and loss chimney heat exchanger. Burner Application RX cabin heating efficiency is increased by about 15%.

Each booth equipped with a burner RX is also equipped with a detector placed inside a safety guard over the painter.