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Inverters are devices used to control the torque and rotational speed on the shaft of the electric three-phase induction motors.
The term inverter is understood a device that transforms the mains voltage to DC power inverter circuit, in which the module power transistors formed voltage pulse width by temporarily switching transistors. This allows the formation of a current of a specified effective voltage and frequency, which leads to engine speed control (engine speed is proportional to the frequency of the supply voltage).
The inverter despite the change in engine speed is maintained at constant horizontal force torque. This is accomplished by providing at the output of the inverter these voltage values ​​(U) and its frequency (f), the ratio U / f was constant value.
The biggest advantage of using the drive inverter is to achieve energy savings and, consequently, costs in relation to the powertrain mains rigid. For this reason, the inverter has a device commonly used in the industry and automation, and more and more households.
The use of inverters for controlling electric motors driving fans results in lower consumption of electricity and fuel. When using inverters it is possible to accurately set the pressure in the cabin, it can be more accurate inspection and replacement filters in a timely manner and reduce the consumption of fuel by the possibility of setting of the fans to the current needs work.