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The one and only set of panels endothermic double patented the idea of ​​action in the field of alternative heating systems. The use of panels allows you to work with water-based paints and traditional solvent. Easy to install system that does not require additional installation space, installed by direct attachment to the wall. Panels are available in different sizes, which allow the creation of the appropriate configuration for each cabin

NANO endothermic panel IR is certified ATEX II 3GD.


  • Nano IR is innovative because it generates heat from the working environment.
  • The heat in the workplace, is spread through radiation Radiant placed on the walls and ceiling panels.
  • Energy consumption is much lower compared to traditional heating systems.
  • The operating temperature is always under control.
  • The heat exchange system Nano IR occurs in the irradiation process, and therefore with very high yields.
  • Nano IR system allows significant savings by drastically reducing operating costs.
  • This system allows to reduce the total processing time by about 30%!
  • Nano IR system is suitable for all cabs on the market and is easy and fast to install. The white panels framed in anodized aluminum, perfectly integrate with the cabin walls.