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VII Fair of Corrosion Protection Technology and Surface EXPO-SURFACE, which took place in Kielce Tragach from 9 to March 11 were successful. The event, which is already seven years is a celebration of the industry was visited by 6,500 visitors. To the capital of Świętokrzyskie Province came, among others, manufacturers and distributors from around the world. The past edition of the exhibition was extremely rich in everything that allows precise application of paint, including aggregates painting, spray guns and diaphragm pumps. The stands do not run specialized equipment such as sand or blasting machines. During the EXPO-SURFACE, visitors could learn about the comprehensive range of painting products, as well as materials and services dedicated to producers and workshops lakierniczym.W Fair Kielce were shown to develop new and progressive solutions, of which the greater part will be presented live. The presence of major companies and the industry's most experienced market representatives at the fair EXPO-SURFACE allowed to explore the secrets of execution of decorative coatings and protective.

At the same time, they were fair in metal processing, laser technology, welding technology and measurement technology, which STOM-TOOL, STOM-BLECH, STOM-LASER WELDING, PNEUMATICONoraz CONTROL-STOM. In addition, for the second time Fair will be held Virtual Processing WIRTOPROCESY, during which were presented technologies such as Rapid Prototyping, 3D printing or the use of virtual reality in the industry.