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Welder PRIMA model PUNTO STAR 1345 is designed for professional services tinsmith. Its creators have laid emphasis on high performance, durability and comfort of use.

The production presented welders benefit from the latest technologies (inverter technology with variable frequency energy conversion device microprocessor control system) and materials (carbon fiber) to improve robustness and reduce the weight of the welding tongs.

Innovative approach when creating permitted the creation of irreplaceable equipment meets the highest requirements set by car manufacturers.

Technical data:

  •     Welder made in inverter technology with variable frequency
  •     Ticks sealing a built-in transformer - it allows you to limit the diameter of cables, they heat up and increase their durability
  •     Liquid cooling tongs and electrodes
  •     The body of the welding tongs is made of carbon fiber
  •     Reduced weight thanks to the use of the welding tongs carbon fiber
  •     Microprocessor control and regulation of welding process parameters
  •     Three-phase power
  •     Housing welding of stainless steel
  •     Ticks 130 mm complete