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Welding system combined, made up of professional welders PRIMA-type three-phase MIG 205 al., PRIMAMIG 204 or 244 PRIMAMIG and welding SPOT 65 or SPOT 85 working at one of the power cord. This link is provides mobile capabilities to make repairs and intervention or welding metal workshops greatly reducing operating time and optimal use of space.
Technical features are identical to each device, with which it is composed Prima Combi. Welders PRIMAMIG 205 al., PRIMAMIG 204 and PRIMAMIG 244 have a wide range of adjustment and are equipped with a timer to perform welding of serial and team wire feeder and the aluminum together with rollers Ideally suited for welding aluminum, also contain pistol with 3 m cable, the ground wire and a pressure reducer.
6520 Spot 65 + PrimaMig204
6520 al Spot65 + PrimaMig205 al
8520 Spot85 + PrimaMig204
8520 al Spot85 + PrimaMig205al
6525 Spot65 + PrimaMig244
8525 Spot85 + PrimaMig244